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Reel Frights and Outdoor Amateur Film Challenge submission deadlines are coming up!

Reel Frights Film Challenge:  Sunday, October 23rd
Outdoor Amateur Film Challenge: Sunday November 27th

Submit your film today!

2015 Outdoor Amateur Film Challenge 1st Place Winner

“Cedar Falls Rising”

Artist: Richard Stewart  Position:  1st Place – 2015

Richard Stewart tells the story of the town of Cedar Falls with amazing pictures of the town, it’s people, and the charred City of Seattle that brought Cedar Falls to it’s watery end.

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North Bend Theatre

        Step back into the 1940s without losing the amenities of the 21st century.  The North Bend Theatre is a classic art deco theatre built in 1941 in North Bend Washington and is currently owned and operated by the Walker family.  Even after many renovations and owners it still maintains it’s 1940s charm and full functionality as a first run movie theatre.  That functionality is due to the tremendous support of the community, who raised the necessary funds to convert the theatre to digital projection in September of 2013.  Digital projection has opened the door to many new and exciting possibilities including more events and festivals than ever before possible, so look out for more to come in the near future, and for you filmmakers out there, keep your cameras handy and your batteries charged because more film challenges are coming your way!

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