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2014 Films

1st Place Winner

“Get Out Stay Out”

Artist:  Chasing Vistas Films (Seamas McGuire and Michael Kern)  Position:  1st Place – 2014

Team Chasing Vistas explores the beautiful and varied terrain of the Pacific Northwest and watches skateboarding

and kite water skiing from the birds eye view of their drones and home built airplanes.

2nd Place Winner


Artist:  Richard Stewart  Position:  2nd Place – 2014

Follow an adorable Pomeranian dog as it encounters the dangers of the wilderness around North Bend, WA.

3rd Place Winner

“A Film by Troy Chriest”

Artist:  Troy Chriest  Position:  3rd Place – 2014

Troy Chriest shares his passion for skateboarding and demonstrates his skills at parks all around the Snoqualmie Valley.

Runner Up

“A Film by Lofoo Productions”

Artist: Chris Williams  Position:  Runner Up

Lofoo Productions showcases their skiing and snowmobiling skills.

Runner Up

“The Making of an AMGA Alpine Guide”

Artist: Martin Volken  Position: Runner Up

See what it takes to scale mountainsides and trek over rugged alpine terrain as you watch teams

of experienced mountaineers climb the beautiful peaks of the cascade range.

Runner Up


Artist: Connor Ross  Position: Runner Up

Watch Connor Ross show his skateboarding talent at different places around the Puget Sound

and explain what drives him to improve his skill.

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