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Attend the Festival

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Saturday, October 28th @ 5:00 PM
(Doors open at 4:00 PM)

Admission: Any nonperishable food items (All food goes to benefit local charities)

Suggested age range: 6+ (This event is intended for most ages, but do to the nature of the theme, some content may be scary for very young audiences.)


Costume Contest • Photo Wall • Halloween Film Challenge • Halloween Movie

  • Costume Contest – Three categories – Kids (6-12), Teens (13-18), Adults (19+)
  • Photo Wall – Have your photo taken like a star! Free!
  • Halloween Film ChallengeSubmit your own film or watch the other great entries!
  • Halloween Movie – 2017 Title to Be Announced
  • Film and costume contest winners will receive prizes. (Prizes still to be determined)

Costume Contest Process

  • Come to the festival wearing your costume.
  • Sign in to the contest at the photo booth and have your picture taken.
  • At the appointed time (Approx. 6:30), contestants of each age bracket will be called to the stage to introduce themselves and demonstrate or explain their costume to the audience. (Demonstrations must be very short.)
  • The audience will have time to think about and vote for their favorite costumes during the film
  • After the films, contest winners will be announced and prizes will be received in the lobby.

Costume Contest Rules

  • A costume is defined as clothing and accessories. In order to participate, a costume, either homemade or store bought, must be worn. (For example: wearing a shirt that says “This is my costume” does not count.) Using a single item such as a hat, wig, or prop as your costume or wearing something that appears to be what is normally worn does not count.
  • Contestants are expected to use good judgment and good taste in their choice of costumes. All body parts must be covered appropriately. Costumes that are overly revealing or overtly sexual in nature and costumes that could be seen as offensive or discriminatory will be disqualified.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Halloween Movie

2017 Title to Be Announced


  • Street parking is plentiful and free
  • Park at the banks when they are closed
  • Please don’t park in the vacant lot adjacent to the theatre.



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