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Halloween Film Challenge Rules and Info

  • Must have a connection to Halloween themed material or the fall season.
  • Must have been filmed in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia).
  • Can be fiction or non-fiction: (Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Action, Documentary, Awareness, etc.)
  • Max run time: 15min
  • All entries are subject to a screening process before they are accepted.
  • Final entrants will be judged by a panel of local video professionals and the winners will be announced at the festival.
  • There will be a $25 entry fee if your video is accepted.  (Entry fees contribute to contest prizes)
  • Submission Deadline: Monday, October 16th

Content Guidelines:

  • Theme/Topics – Films should be about subjects which are generally suitable for all ages.
  • Language – Mild bad language only.
  • Nudity – No Nudity.
  • Sex and Relationships – Sex can be mentioned, suggested or joked about, but only discreetly.
  • Violence and Threat – Mild violence only. Some mild threat and menace.
  • Dangerous Behavior – There should be no detail of dangerous techniques or other harmful and dangerous activities that children might easily copy.
  • Weapons – There should be no focus on weapons that are realistic or easy to get hold of. Weapons should not be made to look attractive.
  • Horror – Frightening scenes should not be too long or scary. Scary scenes which are part of a fantasy or comedy film may be treated less strictly.
  • Drugs – There should be no mention of illegal drugs or drug taking unless completely harmless, or the film carries an anti-drug message.
  • Discrimination – There can be no language or behavior shown that would offend a person’s religion, color, gender, sexuality or disability, unless the film or DVD teaches it to be wrong or is presented within a film that is educational or showing historical scenes. Discrimination by a character who is seen as a hero by the audience is also unlikely to be allowed.
  • Do not include any copyrighted visual or audio content without permission from the original copyright holder.  Videos containing copyrighted material may be disqualified or the copyrighted content may be disqualified from the judging process.

Judging Criteria

  • Story/Narrative – How well told the story or narrative is, how easy it is to follow, and the overall quality of the story or narrative itself.
  • Cinematography – Quality of camera placement, movement, shot choice, and lighting.
  • Sound – Overall quality of sound (We can hear what people are saying, the soundtrack isn’t too loud, no jumpy audio, etc.).
  • Editing – Cuts have good timing, movie has good pacing, no jarring edits, and the overall quality of video editing.
  • Acting* – Quality of acting, both physical and verbal.
  • Relation to Festival Theme – How related to Halloween themed material or fall it is.
  • Set, Prop, and Costume Design* – Overall quality and believability of the locations/sets, props, and costumes/clothing.

*Only applies to fiction or reenactment.

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